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Personal Training

Suzanne has worked with a wide range of clientele - from young athletes to older adults. With all clients, gaining strength and confidence is the utmost priority. Her extensive training vocabulary and expertise allows her to design workouts that are fun, safe, and effective. 

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Corporate Fitness

Fitness in the workplace is something that is often overlooked, but can have powerful benefits such as employee happiness and workplace efficiency. Suzanne has worked within the health & wellness divisions of companies such as GE, St. Peters Hospital, Xerox, Pepsi Co. and General Foods. She has taught everything from kickboxing to Tai Chi. 

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Classes & Programs

Suzanne is certified to offer a variety of classes and workshops:

- Interval Training

- Piyo

- YogaFit

- SilverSneakers 


- Cardio & Strength 

- Modified Yoga

- Pink Ribbon

- Tai Chi

- Better Balance

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Home Clients

To better serve her clients, Suzanne also offers the option of home visits. Working out in your own home can be a time-efficient and convenient option. Suzanne can arrange sessions that work with a client's personal equipment. Minimal equipment is not a issue - Suzanne is well-versed in interval training and using one's own body to create a dynamic and effective workout.


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